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Oil sealed rotary High Vacuum Pump

Our precisely engineered oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are manufactured using high quality material and are fabricated using the latest technology. Our products are always in compliance with the industrial standards.

The parts of the pumps that move to operate are accurately machined with close tolerances. These pumps are light in weight yet sturdy, very compact and have low oil charge

We quality check these pumps on various parameters before dispatching them thus we ensure that we supply only quality pumps to our clients. Our pumps are used in various applications such as Distillation, Vacuum Metallurgy, Dehydration, Filtration, and Vacuum Impregnation, Cryogenics, Leak Detection etc.


Air Ballast: Optional

This is nothing but a vent pipe that brings in air before actual compression which gets rid of condensation of the sucked vapor, thus the contamination of oil is prevented.

Air admittance valve: Optional

It is electromagnetic solenoid type valve that puts air into the system immediately as the power supply falls short. Thus back-flow of oil to system is avoided.

Non-return valve: inbuilt

It is rubber diaphragm kind of spring loaded valve, to avoid back-flow of oil to system when the pumps discontinue working. They hold vacuum in the system for extensive durations.

moisture trap

Inlet Dust Filter

Vacuum Gauge with Regulator

Trolley for Small Pumps-Optional

USE OIL: ENCLO-46(H.P)/SAE -30 Or Equivalent.

Model GHV-300-ll and above are offered with water cooling jacket.

Vacuum measured McLeod gauge at port of the pump.