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Industrial Vacuum Pump in noida

We “Garuda pumps” are the great dealer of industrial vacuum pumps in Noida. We are the only manufacturer who has flourished their products in major parts of the abroad industries. We are widely exporting our vacuum pumps in many foreign countries and Noida is one of the popular country among them. Being the expert in supplying of our qualitative industrial vacuum pumps in different places, many consumers are selecting our product from domestic as well as international basis.

Our Tri Disc Refiners are well known for its robust design, technical features, and long lasting life span etc. Noida is got the wide assortment of industrial background in itself and we feel proud to mention that our company is exporting the high ranges of vacuum pumps in various places of Noida like Dadri Road, Samastpur, Sorkha, Sector - 62A etc. We are always trying to improvise our product range due to this our major numbers of clients dealing with us from the varied countries. Various types of industries are avails our product due to their vast industrial needs of vacuum pumps and this leads us to great success by completing the every industrial requirement of our clients at high level. Due to our wide efficiency regarding our work most of the foreign countries are contacting us for the exporting of our well furnished industrial vacuum pumps.

Noida Areas For Industrial Vacuum Pump
Dadri Road Sector - 140
Sector -24 Sector - 1
Garhi Samastpur
Sector - 144 Sector - 101
Sector - 62 A Sector - 167 B
Sorkha Sector - 14A
Sector - 130 Sector - 62 A
Sector - 17 Sector - 57
Sector - 129 Sector - 162
Sector - 164 Sector - 14A
Sector - 6 Sector - 99