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Conical Port Vacuum Pump

We manufacture best quality conical ported vacuum pumps that offer smooth operations and can endure in acute pressure and temperature. They are appropriate for Positive and Negative conveying as well as boosting.

Our pumps are designed to function in a safe, clean as well as incessant manner even in wet conditions. These vacuum pumps can handle extreme capacities while consuming minimal energy. Hence they are very lucrative and power-saving. They are corrosion & erosion proof and require least maintenance. They offer high reliability as well as durability.

They are useful in Industrial applications such as Sterilizers & Disinfection, Vacuum Packaging, Degasification, distillation, Drying etc. 

Prominent Features of Vacuum Pumps Conical Port:

  • Power Efficiency: Highest CFM per BHP Ratio
  • Higher Displacement & extra Suction Volume
  • Our 20 Vane rotors can handle more air in comparison with conventional 16 Vane rotors Spray nozzles at suction flanges are offered
  • Detachable Bearing Brackets-Easy
  • Rapid and easy Maintenance
  • Two Independent Vacuum process